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Nero Video is a software that one uses to edit videos and burn discs. One can manage video files, import them from internal or external sources, and burn CDs, DVDs, or Blu-Ray. A media library helps to organize audio or video files and integrates with other libraries, so you can collate projects and work with a large number of multimedia files.

Key features of Nero Video

Nero is a comprehensive editing software that lets you manage audio and video files, which can be imported from the computer’s library, other software, or through external hard drives and discs. Nero Video helps organize the library of multimedia files and video projects that you can create on your device. Simply put, using Nero, you can edit, organize, import, burn, and play media files.

Nero also enables you to create slideshows and videos using images, and present them in a professional way. One can capture and organize footage from a video source, trim and edit out bits, and put the video back together in a seamless precise manner.

A media organizer helps you to organize the video files, so you can quickly and easily choose files to work with for a particular project. Once the project is uploaded, one can extract and save it in a high-quality format—which can be stored as a video file on your device. One can create a fully-professional video file using Nero Video.

The program can also simply be used for playing video disks and files. The video-editing tools are sophisticated and highly precise, with the possibility to add sound and images to the video, add effects, text, and sort the frame according to your requirements.

The Play to TV feature lets you stream the latest video or slideshow to the big screen—and use the Nero as a source for the projected video and to organize the series of videos being played on an external monitor or television.

What makes Nero Video a good option for video editing?

One of the biggest advantages of Nero is that it has really brought video editing to mobile phones, and one can really create Hollywood standard videos and films that are created straight from a smartphone. The user interface is so intuitive and simplistically designed that one really needs no time to figure out their way around it. Videos are made quickly and efficiently, without the hassle of owning expensive video-editing software.

One can really enhance videos by adding sound, text, transitions, and other add-on effects to make the videos look professionally-made. The improved video quality can also be attained by making crisp editings using Nero, applying keyframe animations, including photos, and adding better sound to the video. One can playback the video created before exporting it.

Nero can offer movie experiences with a great interface for running and playing videos from external sources. What’s more, this can be achieved in the most cost-effective way without investing heavily in video editing software. Nero can be synced across devices so it is possible to start working on a video project on the smartphone and finishing it on a desktop. The direct alternative to Nero Video is Adobe Premiere, with similar features.

What are the negatives to be looked out for?

One of the main deterrents of Nero Video is that it is not free to use but only has a free 14-day trial. After the trial period, you need to upgrade to a paid plan. During the trial period as well, you can only export 30-second videos and not more. Alternative programs Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro are better with subtitles and captions, while video-viewing programs like VLC and Windows Media Player are specialized in offering an excellent viewing experience, which is better than Nero.

Nero, while fairly intuitive, is still not as ahead of the game as other players like Filmora or Movavi—which are decent alternatives to Nero Video. You also cannot add subtitles to the videos you create. The files are extracted in an MP4 format, which is not compatible with all disc players and still need to support that particular file format.

So, should you use Nero Video?

Absolutely. The program is a high-quality video editing tool that has really made it easy to edit and create videos using photos and videos—and add effects like sound, text, animations, transitions, etc., to make the video output look professionally-made. From start to finish, Nero offers end-to-end video solutions and makes the entire process completely hassle-free. Programs like Nero have really democratized the process of video creation and editing and made it so easy for anyone to be a filmmaker if they have the intention to share stories.

The perfect companion for powerful and easy video editing and disc authoring.

Nero Video is the only fully integrated video editing product that combines easy organizing, with powerful video editing and authoring as well as superb playback of all your media. If you're looking for a unique solution to capture and organize your footage, edit and author video and slideshows and to play them back on your TV or PC, Nero Video is the answer. With its task oriented home screen including a drop zone for files it has never been easier to get right into your desired project and achieve perfect results in no time. You will also like the unique media organizer making sorting, pre-selecting, and using your preferred files in your video project a blast.
High quality video export to file, the web, and fully customizable Hollywood style DVD and Blu-ray Disc is easy to do with Nero Video. Finally playback of your video discs and files is at your fingertips. Even use Play to TV streaming to present your latest video or slideshow on the big screen in the living room via network streaming right away. Effectively organizing footage -One library for all photo, video, music on your PC -Find, sort, and tag favorite assets in your footage -Easily transfer favorite assets to your editing and authoring projects Powerful Video Editing -Nero Video Express editing achieves pro-results in no time -Hundreds of powerful drag & drop video, transition, text and PIP effects -Powerful advanced multi-track editing with full control and superb key-frame handling Superb Video Authoring and Disc Burning -Superb disc authoring and burning with Hollywood-style 2D and 3D menus templates -Fully customize your menus in advanced authoring mode
With fast and easy yet very creative Express video editing you can achieve pro looking results in no time. Switch to advanced editing, within the same user interface, to get full control and multi-track editing with versatile key-frame handling for video effects and animations.


  • High-quality video editing
  • Professionally-edited videos
  • Can edit videos from the smartphone


  • Paid features
  • No feature to add subtitles

Program available in other languages

Nero Video for PC

  • Trial version

  • In English
  • V 24.5.1100
  • 3.4


User reviews about Nero Video

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    I don't recommend this to anyone that wants a friendly user experience.
    worst video editing software on the market very sluggish and hard to use More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Follow up.
    Ahm this is just a follow up on my comment, Nero recode and vision, you can't add subtitles on nero recode, only the "Recode More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Good or Bad.
    I like this version of "vision" of nero 10 but, the thing is i've been using this software many times now and th More


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